Indevor Land is focused on realising UK Development and Land Opportunities.

We specialise in identifying land development opportunities and acting as the catalyst in facilitating stalled opportunities currently being hindered by complex site issues. In a fast-paced industry, our pragmatic approach enables us to succeed in unlocking development projects that require more than the outdated and traditionally uncompromising ‘make it happen’ approach.

About Us

Indevor Land’s holistic principles are applied to all of our strategic land operations, whether this is our obliging to individual community preferences or our yielding on a potentially contentious issue to allow for a project's primary objectives to be achieved for the benefit of all stakeholders.
Although we adopt a more patient, strategic and flexible attitude than most of the industry, we are a dynamic and ambitious organisation that focuses on enhancing and advancing development opportunities.
At Indevor Land, we believe that administering our foundational principles of care and consideration does not have to compromise a scheme's commercial viability. We strive to ensure that positive outcomes are achieved for all associated stakeholders and we are particularly committed to investing in and improving the neighbouring communities on all of the projects we participate in.
We search for scenarios whereby we can be central to improving and assisting development opportunities that may be multi-faceted or require a diligent approach. Such settings are often contributory to historical or contractual factors and are typically considered as too time-consuming, too resource-demanding or too unfamiliar by others.


  • “I found the Indevor Land team to be extremely professional and their recognition to the sensitivity of the situation, especially in regards to engaging with many of the stakeholders, including the local community, prior to planning was very valuable. The project was very high profile within Sheffield and there were multiple considerations and obstacles to overcome and it was their willingness to engage with us and our planning department that gave us the confidence in their ability to deliver a viable scheme.”
    Christine Rose
    Sheffield City Council - Housing & Regeneration.
  • "I wanted to write a note to thank the entire Indevor Land team for the commercial way that you approached the purchase of Bryn Tirion Hotel. Throughout the process we had excellent communication. In my view, this is fundamentally important in any transaction and your Friday updates were really useful. Both our team and yours worked well together and most importantly, you and your team delivered against all of your promises. Having completed many transactions, this particular transaction was an example of how it should be done. Thank you for the business-like way in which you proceeded."
    Malcolm Edge
    Landowner (Former KPMG Partner).
  • "I honestly believe the deal we did on the purchase of Fox Hill Crescent could, or would, never have happened if not led by these guys. It was refreshing to deal with a land company that genuinely had a desire to ensure we, as the ultimate developer, recognised, considered, and furthermore committed to uphold the pledges they had made to the various stakeholders as part of their acquiring of the land. Indevor Land made this purchase seem a lot easier than it was, and without doing a disservice to their consultants, the fact that it was ultimately led in house by people who were clearly solution driven was key to this deal. I hope they give us a call on the next piece of land you manage to unlock!"
    Alan Ramsey
    Land Purchaser, Guinness Housing Trust