Indevor Strategic Land is focussed on realising UK Land and Development opportunities.

We specialise in identifying potential land development opportunities or acting as catalysts in facilitating stalled development opportunities hindered by complex, bespoke issues. In a highly charged and fast paced industry our pragmatic approach enables us to succeed in unlocking development projects that require more than a traditional dogged uncompromising, ‘make it happen’ approach.

About Us

Our organisations holistic principles run throughout all our operations whether it be us being obliging to a communities preferences or yielding on a potentially contentious issue if we can identify that this will ultimately allow a projects wider and primary objective to be achieved.

Although we adapt a more patient, strategic and flexible attitude than most we are a very dynamic and ambitious enterprise and have a very fundamental focus to enhance and advance development opportunities whilst remaining unapologetic of our need to yield profits.

At Indevor Land we believe that implementing the principles of understanding and consideration does not necessarily mean compromising the commercial outcome or viability of a scheme. We strive to ensure a positive outcome is achieved for every stakeholder associated with a scheme and as such we are committed to investing in and improving the neighbouring community on ALL our projects.

We search for scenarios where we can be fundamental in generating or improving land and property development opportunities that may be multifaceted or require a very considered approach, these complications are often due to historical or contractual factors which are often considered as too resource demanding, time consuming or worryingly unfamiliar by others.


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